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We do NOT photograph weddings or events. But, we can gladly recommend some great wedding photographers to you!


Maternity: Nervous about showing your bare baby bump? Don't be..... because you don't have to! Staying fully clothed or showing a little more skin, is completely up to you! It's all about what you are comfortable with! And if you want to get a sneak peek of your little one before they arrive, check out our friends at Baby Proofs 3D/4D Ultrasound in Broussard. (337-256-5252).


Newborn Sessions: It is EXTREMELY important for your newborn session to be within the first two weeks of life. During this time, baby still likes to be in the fetal position and is still very very sleepy! Both of which, help to make great photos! Beyond that time, it's much more difficult to get the perfect shot while baby is awake and wiggling his/her arms and legs. Also keep in mind that these sessions are approximately 4 hours long to allow for feeding/snuggling breaks and to get as much variety as possible. So try to keep your schedule open on the day of the shoot. We recommend booking your newborn session as early as possible. Our schedule typically fills up 3-4 months in advance so it is never too early to reserve your spot! Many people ask about involving older siblings in the newborn session. We recommend focusing only on the newborn for this session, but we will gladly take a couple group photos of the newborn and his/her siblings together at the very end of the session if requested. Individual shots of other siblings may not be combined with a newborn session. 

Children/Toddlers: This is the most difficult time to photograph your child. Not only do they know what they want to do, they know what they don't want to do. And sometimes, what they don't want to do, is pose for pictures. But, it's usually nothing that a little reward can't cure. We aren't above bribery if it means getting the shot! So secretly pack some of their favorite treats, they almost always come in handy!
Family Sessions: We only offer family sessions for families of 5 or less. Clothing coordination is particularly important for family shots. Try to avoid busy patterns and try to choose colors that compliment each other. For family sessions, we recommend using a cultural center such as Acadian Village, Vermilionville, or Rip Van Winkle Gardens. These places give you more scenery options without the need to travel. There are fees to use these properties for photography and they range from $35-$50 depending on which one you choose.  (If you have young children please also read the Children/Toddlers section above.) 
Couples/Engagements: Where did you meet? What are things that you like to do together? If we can incorporate parts of these things in your session, your images will be even that much more personal! Coordinating your clothing is also just as important for this session as it is in all the others.
Pre-Bridal: Although we do NOT photograph weddings, we love pre-bridals! Make sure to bring someone along that can help you with your dress as we change locations. Also, wear comfortable shoes to the session and just bring your dress shoes with you. 
Seniors: Last, but certainly not least is our absolute favorite session!  Seniors are the most fun and most fearless people to photograph. Clothing is probably the most important part of your portraits so choose your outfits carefully. Avoid busy patterns and oversized logos as these can be distracting. If you want to add interest to your portraits, think about layering your clothes or adding a few colorful accessories. But most importantly, wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that reflect your personality. For the girls, a huge part of having your images come out extra amazing is having professional hair and make up done for your session. Some hair and make up artists will even come to the shoot to change your hair and make up to match your outfits! 
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